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Mike noddy1211 at sbcglobal.net
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Some stuff on the website, if you don't get an offer of the instructions
from anyone else, email me direct and I will search and find mine for the
Yaesu installation, I will have to scan them into a PDF.  Of course if it is
not a Yaesu installation then I can't help you.

Mike, K6BR at arrl.net

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Whatever anyone thinks of Idiom Press I am left with the inability to
contact them - maybe at some point Rob will catch up on his calls and
emails.  In the present does anyone have a copy of the instructions to build
his EZ-Rotator?  I found a kit for sale but the owner does not believe he
can find the instructions he misplaced?

Gary, N5PHT

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> I had a great experience with them earlier in the year. Are they a slow
> ma/pa shop, yes. Do they make a nice product, yes. Is the documentation
> lacking, yes.  Should expectations be set below those of commercial
> businesses that serve millions of customers, yes!
> Enjoy the hobby,
> Dave
> Wa3gin
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