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Sun Jul 27 01:44:24 EDT 2008



I have 8 X 10' sections (80 feet) of Rohn 65G tower for sale. The tower is
down and awaiting shipping from Fresno, CA.


The tower has never been damaged in any way. Everything is as straight as an


Here's what's included:

Top Plate including TB3 thrust bearing

Rotor plate

Specially made gin pole


The gin pole is special. It is schedule 80 aluminum. It has hooks (or forks)
on the bottom that allow the gin pole to hook onto a horizontal support
structure. There is a 4"  web strap that straps the top of the gin pole to
the top of the tower. The strap uses heavy duty ratchet type wench to secure
the top of the gin pole to the tower. The top of the gin pole has 3 rings
that float on a bearing that allows for guying the gin pole. It is custom
made, expensive to manufacture and VERY strong.


I can take photos and forward or post to a website.  


Let me know if there is an interest and we can come together on price.




Dave Smith / W6TE

559 323-6095 (home)

559 260-5511 (cell)

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