[TowerTalk] Johnson Matchbox coil

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Sun Jul 27 11:57:31 EDT 2008

Hi TT'ians

I have a 275 watt Matchbox antenna tuner that is in really nice shape, with 
a blown bandswitch.  I purchased another 'junker' from a guy, and really, 
the only thing wrong with it is the plastic on the coil has disintegrated 
and it is kinda dirty.  It looks like it could be repaired by making some 
plastic spacers of some sort.

What would be the best way to reinforce the turns in the coil?  I was 
wondering about super-glue.  Will it hold up in an RF environment?

Other than the coil being sprung, it isn't in too bad of shape.  I'd kinda 
like to repair it instead of taking the switch out and putting it in the 
'pretty' one.


Tom W7WHY 

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