[TowerTalk] Tower Challenged

wb0m at flashdog.us wb0m at flashdog.us
Sun Jul 27 12:30:40 EDT 2008

Hello Everyone,
   I’m “tower challenged” at my lot here in Omaha so I”m adding a mast  
and mini-beam to the top of the house. I’d like to know if I’m missing  
anything in my plans: The mast be mounted on the chimney and it will  
be about 6 feet in length, including the rotor and beam mast. I’ll run  
a #4 copper ground wire to a 10’ copper grounding rod which will be  
also connected to house’s ground system as per NEC code. Also,  
connected to this ground rod will be a I.C.E. lightning arrestor where  
the coax will be grounded before entering the house. I’ll also add non- 
metallic guys.
   Now a few questions:
   The antenna will not be the highest structure with a house and tree  
nearby. I have a solid fiberglass mast to use up to the rotor. Will  
using a non-conductive mast be safer for the house in case of a  
lightning strike (making sure to ground the beam - and )?
   I have a long section of #4 bare ground wire, but it’s too short. I  
need to splice: I will not solder the the ground, but splice it  
“mechanically”. Can I use stranded ground wire to complete the las 8  
feet to the grounding rod?
And, finally, is there anything I’m missing?
Thanks in advance,
73, Jeff/wb0m
wb0m (AT) arrl.net

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