[TowerTalk] A line between two towers

Greg ab7r at cablespeed.com
Sun Jul 27 22:02:19 EDT 2008

I figure this would be OK but want to run it by the experts before
executing.  I have two crank-up self supporting towers....a 72ft and a 40ft
and they're about 110 feet apart.  I want to run a dacron weave messenger
line between them with one end through a pulley with a counter weight.  The
counter weight will not put too much tension on it.  The messenger line will
support a 160m coaxial inverted L somewhere in the middle.

Does anyone see a problem with this setup or will there bee too much side
pull on the towers created by the weight of the inverted L/counter weight?


Greg - AB7R
Whidbey Island WA

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