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Bob rgshauger at myyellowstone.net
Mon Jul 28 00:53:26 EDT 2008

Years ago as a new Novice licensee, I had a Mosley TA33jr yagi antenna 
chimney mounted on a 6 foot mast .   It worked well for me for several years 
without any ill effects..

The only possible downside was when the wind was blowing.  The wind caused 
an eerie moaning sound from the wind passing by the moisture drain holes of 
the traps.  The noise transmitted down the chimney to the firebox of the 

The first time it happened the xyl was home alone.  I received a frantic 
telephone call at work and she was not happy.  hi hi

Bob W7KD

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" I”m adding a mast and mini-beam to the top of the house.."

I should have added this before. The mini beam in the MQ-1 "hybrid
quad antenna" by T.G.M. Communications. I  covers 20, 17 (I've changed
the tuning), 10 and 6 meters.  I've used it portable for the last four
years. Total height will be about 28 feet - a little too low for 20
meters' minimum height above ground. Oh well. I guess that also makes
me "mast challenged" (hi). Tnx. - jeff/wb0m


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