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jcowens1 at comcast.net jcowens1 at comcast.net
Mon Jul 28 11:18:18 EDT 2008


I missed your initial posting and assume you are talking about the GAP Titan DX Vertical. I have one that I am going to try and mount on the rear corner of my motorhome, that will lay down and be secured when traveling. I tried mounting the Bencher Butternut HF9V in the same location, with and without the counterpoise kit, and never could get it to work. I talked to the antenna designer and he said it would only work with lots of radials. He said the counterpoise will not help that situation. That was a surprise. Not a good situation for a Motorhome so I gave up. It is now on the roof of my house with standard radials and I find it rather sensitive to radials. It likes lots of them. 

I talked with the GAP people over the phone about the Titan DX and they said it should work very well on the Motorhome if put together per the manual. No radials should be requied. I will  be trying that soon. I think the HF9V is a very good antenna once you get all the coil spacings and radials issues resolved, but I am not sure it is a good as the Titan DX. We will see. 

John Owens - N7TK

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