[TowerTalk] Another Rotator EZ question / help

Joe Subich, W4TV w4tv at subich.com
Mon Jul 28 17:17:07 EDT 2008

The Idiom Press web site has updated installation instructions for 
the "new" Hy-gain controllers.  You might check those instructions 
to see if they deal with the delay issues. 


   ... Joe, W4TV 

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> Greetings,
> OK - received the Rotator-EZ mod in the mail today.  It is 
> assembled (not the kit form).
> The instructions leave me with something I can't seem to know 
> for sure and hope someone here has the answer.  Wrote and 
> called Idiom but don't know if I will hear from them - sure hope so.
> The Rotator-EZ puts in a 5 second brake delay.  This is one 
> of the nice features.  However, my control boxes (I have 2 of 
> them) are both fairly new and have the factory addition of 
> the 5 second delay.  From the Idiom Instructions I quote:
> "Before going any further, remove any circuits added to the 
> rotator control box after its manufacture, especially brake 
> delay circuits, and insure that the rotator control box is 
> restored to factory design and specifications."
> So, there is the problem.  My factory specs includes a brake 
> delay.  From the Hy-Gain manual there is an addendum sheet 
> explaining that this 5 second delay is now included.  But it 
> does not tell you what exactly was that addition - or how to 
> remove it.
> I actually spoke to Rob's Father weeks ago before I ordered 
> the Rotator-EZ (can't remember his name or call) and that is 
> when I learned his Son had taken over Idiom and at that time 
> I asked this question an he said, "Well, you have to remove that."
> So, has any of you the experience in putting in one of the 
> Idiom Press Rotator-EZ into a unit from Hy-Gain that already 
> has the 5 second delay? Tom is very helpful at Hy-Gain but he 
> is off for the week and I have placed email and call to Rob 
> at Idiom.  Any ideas appreciated.
> Gary, N5PHT
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