[TowerTalk] Antenna Selection Assistance

Rick Stealey rstealey at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 28 21:21:47 EDT 2008

I know a guy who lived near the SteppIR guys in Issaqua Washington back 
in, I think it was probably 2002 or 2003.  He bought one of the first 3 
element beams, didn't install it, left it in the garage.  He also has a place in
Kauai so he ordered one for there and installed it.  Then a friend of his saw
it, liked it and got one.  He raved about it so much that I got one, which
I already wrote about at the start of this thread.  Now the interesting
part - after 2 years he talked to Mike, K7IR, one day, and told him he
was about to install the original beam in Washington.  Mike told him
they have made improvements to it, to bring the old one over to the 
factory in the box and he would get a new one gratis.  
So let me say categorically, no one who buys one of these beams needs
to worry that K7IR is going to leave him hanging, with a single little
broken fiberglass pole!!!  

Rick  K2XT

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