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>  An anecdote on the SteppIR since it came up a few times- a  local ham had 
half an element simply fall off of his, pulling the metal  strip out and 
leaving him with a 2 1/2 element beam and an un-retractable  metal strip 
flapping in the wind.

>  When he inquired as to  the possibility of getting replacement parts to 
fix it he was pretty much  ignored.  It's getting to be something of a 
running joke around here  how he's not able to get customer service at 
all for  this.

Good grief. A second-hand  anecdote. Maybe it was third-hand.
        I know the SteppIR guys  personally and have been to the factory 
several times. I've installed more  SteppIR antennas than anyone else in the 
world, including 6 MonstIRs. 
        Are there SteppIR failures?  I'm sure there are. When you sell 
several thousand antennas, even a small  failure percentage means there are a bunch. 
One-percent of 3000 is 30. Maybe  that's a high number. I don't know. 
        Does SteppIR ignore  customer problems? Not in my experience. My 
experience is that they bend over  backwards to take care of their customers. 
        I don't think this is the  whole story but I don't know. This second- 
or third-hand speculation isn't real  productive. I hope everything works out 
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