[TowerTalk] Can anyone ID a tower?

Ed ehekman at cox.net
Tue Jul 29 02:49:08 EDT 2008

>A friend of mine is looking for info on an old steel, tubular
>tower/mast.  According to the owner, it was purchased from Texas
>Towers around 1980.  The tower is retractable and consists of two
>sections.  The lower section is square: about 3" or 4" square.  The
>upper section is round.  Both sections are made of steel.  The base
>consists of a square steel section embedded in concrete.  There is a
>square section, very strong, on which a dutton-lainson winch is
>installed to allow for tilting up the tower/mast.  The permanent
>section (which doesn't move when you tilt down the tower) is about 5
>feet tall.  The tiltable tower/mast have another winch for retracting
>the upper section.  The entire tower/mast appears to be about 40 feet
>tall.  Anyone have any idea who might have made this thing and what
>the original specs were?



I have one of these towers.  The bottom section is 3" square and the top
section is 2" in diameter.  I bought it used and had a TA-33jr on it for 18
years.  It is a little light weight for a full sized tri-band beam so I had
one guy wire to the house and a G5RV to give it a little support in 3
directions.  The base was originally dropped into a sleeve in the foundation
but the base and sleeve have since rusted together.


Unfortunately I don't know the manufacturer or the specifications for it




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