[TowerTalk] Antenna selection

Richards jruing at ameritech.net
Tue Jul 29 13:27:35 EDT 2008

Good story, Bob.

What if we changed the question, and added a 43 foot alum antenna
like DX-Engineering and Force-12 sell?   How would you predict it
would compare to the other two (i.e., SteppIR vert and Hustler 5BTV) ??

I figure it would be a beast to tune,  maybe not radiate as efficiently as
a tuned trap (certainly not as well as the tuned SteppIR)  - but would
give me 160 - 10 M coverage the others could not.

Dumb idea?  Or better to get a different, shorter antenna for like 40-10M
and use something else for 80/160?

THANKS for the uptake.  Sounds like the SteppIR vert might be worth
the wait.

====================  James - K8JHR  ===================

Bob Bogash wrote:
> I have a Steppir small vertical and a Hustler 4-BTV.  I think they are 
> both good antennas.  

put the Steppir on the roof again where
> the Hustler had been struggling.  

> In this configuration, this is a VERY good antenna for me.  


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