[TowerTalk] Ultrabeam OF ITALY

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 29 13:39:29 EDT 2008

ve4xt at mts.net wrote:
> Hmm, let's see:
> Ultrabeam 4-el. 40-6m yagi: 4,850 euro
> Steppir Monstir, 4-el, 40-6m yagi: $4,500 ish.
> Considering that 4,850 euro translates to about US$7,550., I can't quite comprehend the math that 
> says buying the Italian knockoff saves any coin...
> Italians, however, could probably save loads of lira by buying the Steppir. That $3,050 price difference 
> pays for a whack of shipping!
> 73, kelly
But.. say a year ago, when the Euro/Dollar rate was roughly 1:1, the 
shipping and import duty (5-8%, I think) would make the SteppIR more 
expensive than the Ultrabeam.

Right now, the hideously low dollar makes it much more attractive for a 
EU ham to buy the SteppIR..

Now, if FluidMotion (or Ultrabeam) had worked out appropriate currency 
hedges in advance....

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