[TowerTalk] 40M OWA

Peter Voelpel df3kv at t-online.de
Tue Jul 29 16:36:33 EDT 2008

Thanks to the group for all the input and comments on that project.
I finally have the EZNEC simulation ready for my environment and its looks
real great.
Slightly less maximum gain then my old 3 element, but much better F/R across
the whole band and real flat SWR, unbelieveable.
Now I have to sort out the mechanical part and start reconstruction soon.
Hopefully I will be on the air with it by WAE phone in September.

Anybody there with some surplus Phillystran for the guying of the beam?
Need about 30m and try to avoid steel guying with insulator breaks, thht
stuff is not available in Europe unfortunately.
Beam will be heavy enough while the boom center will probably become
stainless steel pipe (I have it).


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