[TowerTalk] Antenna selection

Eric Hilding b38 at hilding.com
Tue Jul 29 16:51:39 EDT 2008

If you have a mobile screwdriver antenna, get some Buddipole/DX Engineering
ALUMINUM extension shafts and do something like this temporarily:


http://www.k6vva.com/iota/na178/farallonspecial.html  (photos near bottom of


http://www.k6vva.com/kl8c  (see the 3 antenna photos)


FYI, when I worked a VU long path from home while testing on 40m during
daylight hours with 100w, I decided the 'Farallon Special' worked well
enough.  It worked even better when ultimately used near salt water . both
on SouthEast Farallon Island and Revillagigedo Island in Alaska :^)


Of course you can use full size radials and install for permanent later use
with a 'regular' (vertical) antenna.


FWIW & 73.


Rick, K6VVA

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