[TowerTalk] hazer comments

WB4UNA at aol.com WB4UNA at aol.com
Wed Jul 30 19:17:50 EDT 2008

I have had and still do , Have Hazers on both of my towers and  am going to 
install 2 more on 2 other towers. I have had some problems but  nothing that 
would make me not use them. I have had them loaded to the max and  they worked 
great. I have found that if you put a small antenna that does not  weight much 
the Hazer will get stuck in a location or two but a pull on a guy  wire and it 
comes down ok. 
   I have the guys mounted on the bottom of the Hazer  . I have a fiend that 
has one and we mounted a sent of guys below the Hazer with  3 sections of 
cable that goes down below and has 3 more guys attached  to a  frame that goes 
around the tower and when you crank the hazer up the lower guys  follow the hazer 
up . The tower is at 75' and has no problems at  all....
just my 2 cents worth.......
Carlus M. Randy Chavis 
WB4UNA since 1970 
432 tru 160 

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