David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Sun Mar 9 01:30:27 EST 2008

How, pray tell, does using a quad versus a yagi have any effect on the 
attenuation of the signal after it leaves the antenna?

Dave   AB7E

Edward Sylvester wrote:
> My opinion is that, at treetop level, you will be ok with a Steppir, as the take off angles will be high enough to miss the trees....But if you are well below (50' tower below 70' trees), you will signal will suffer some attenuation.  A quad won't suffer as much due to its closed circuit design.
>   I have a Steppir, too but it's in the clear.  Best of luck.
>   Ed NI6S
> Joe <joe at wd0m.com> wrote:
>   My 4L SteppIR is at treetop level - on a 55 foot tower. I've worked 307 
> entities in about 4 years - SWR is flat across the bands, including 40, 
> and 30M is about 1.5 or so to 1. A SteppIR will work wonders, and the 
> tower height should of little impact.
> Good luck!

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