[TowerTalk] Tri-Ex Crank up Motor

kb5my at starband.net kb5my at starband.net
Tue Mar 11 13:37:44 EDT 2008


Call Tashjian Towers.  I did this about three years ago when the lift
motor in my CT-9 (106-foot) tower trailer failed.  Karl sold me a new
direct-replacement washdown motor of the appropriate horsepower.  He uses
the washdown motors on all of the current motorized towers because they do
better outside than the open motors.  It may take a few calls to get
through because they're usually busy.

These motors aren't cheap, either.  Mine was about $300, but it was worth
it given the size of my tower.  I also bought a new set of motor/gearbox
pulleys and a couple of matching V-belts since mine were over 30 years old
and rusted/worn out.  When I discovered that there was no schematic tucked
away inside the electrical box, one call was all it took to get a
schematic sent to me.  Again - no hassles and no nonsense.

Dan  KB5MY/6

> Anyone have the specs for the motor used on the LM470/354HD to crank up
> the  tower?  It needs to reversible but I don't know the HP or the RPMS.
>  A Model  number would be very helpful.
> Bob  W6TR

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