[TowerTalk] Rohn 45 55 anti climb

Daron Wilson daron at wilson.org
Sat Mar 29 14:26:14 EDT 2008

Daron Wilson wrote:
>> Anyone used the Rohn anti climb sheets on 55 or 45?  I've got them and a
>> bunch of 55 tower, all I can tell from the sheets is that you stand them
>> around the tower and sheet metal screw them to each other.  I guess you
>> build this triangle around the base and let it rattle and bang around in
>> wind?
>Reading your other posts and the reluctance to drill holes in the hot 
>dipped galvanized sheeting how about "banding".  You are looking at a 
>permanent installation, and preferably one that is "Quiet".  You might 
>have to hunt to find the best material which ranges from painted steel 
>(strong but probably not the best in this case) to various synthetics  
>which are  also strong  but I don't know how any particular one would 
>stand up to UV.  It might be something that would have to be redone on a 
>periodic basis.

>If the sheets are a bit too large to band you could use painted wood 
>blocks or even pieces of tires as spacers using care they don't become 
>water collectors that could cause rusting of the tower.

>You should be able to rent the tools and purchase how ever much material 
>you use, but not being  a high use item they may be difficult to find.

Thanks, as I said I can find many ways to do it better...and have on other
installations.  What I'm trying to find, since I can find nothing in the
Rohn catalog about installation of this product, is what the real design
was.  Having 100 pounds of sheet metal screwed together and not electrically
bonded to the tower but clanging around the base doesn't sound like a
reasonable design to me.  Yes I could use stainless banding material, I
could make spacers between the product and the tower, and I'll likely have
to make a bonding jumper from each section to the tower ground.  If you've
dealt with engineered work, the common statements are 'must be installed to
manufacturer's specifications' and 'must meet all applicable codes'.  I'm
trying to head off the question from the electrical engineer when he shows
up to inspect this floating, un-bonded sheet metal around the base of the
tower and asks why it isn't attached and bonded.


Daron N7HQR

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