[TowerTalk] For Sale: 180' Rohn 35g

nx5m at txcyber.com nx5m at txcyber.com
Fri Oct 3 16:45:28 EDT 2008

180 feet of Rohn 35g tower
17 straight sections
1 pointed top section
1 pier pin base plate

This tower was made years ago by Rohn for Motorola.
Tower is in good condition except for a little surface rust on some of the
sections that were up toward the top.  The bottom section has a small slit
where water was trapped, froze and opened up the leg a little.  This did
not pose any structural issues when the tower was taken down a few weeks
ago.  Used a small crane to lay over the last 60 feet.  This slightly
damaged section could easily be sealed and used up at the top right below
the top section.
The bolts were discarded....suggest using new bolts.  Uses same size bolts
as rohn 25.
Leg size is same as Rohn 25g with just as much cross bracing....only wider
spacing between legs which makes the tower even more rugged.
In comparison between 25g and 45g, this would fall in the middle
size-wise.  Very strong and I would not hesitate to use it IF I needed to
put up another tower.
I need to sell it and get it out of my barn.
This sale is for the sections and the pier pin base plate, no hardware
Letting it go for $1300.
Local pickup only.  Located near Somerville, Texas.
Email me direct if you want some photos.

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