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Cqtestk4xs at aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Thu Oct 16 01:13:58 EDT 2008

Thanks to all who responded to my post.  Lots of good feedback was  received 
and most of it was positive.
One ham was totally dissatisfied, but the rest were either  moderately or 
totally satisfied.
Customer service was noted as good, but availabiltiy of replacement parts  on 
short notice was an issue.  The main sticking point that kept appearing  was 
the problem with the pots for indication (water intrusion). 
I'm leaning toward a purchase, but I noticed that the beam must be  mounted 
off center of the normal balance point (which is where the boom to mast  plate 
would be) by about two feet.  It looks like the antenna can not be  mounted in 
the "cradle" of the TIC ring since the mast plate will not fit in the  
cradle.  Is that correct?  That means of course the antenna will be  nose or rear 
heavy and the boom unbalance would have to compensated for.   How critical is 
having the load on the ring unbalanced by about two feet on a 32  foot boom?
If anyone has close up pics of their installation I would appreciate  them 
sent to me, especially if you are using it with an M2 antenna like the 40  meter 
or KT36XA (KT34XA).  All I have to go by is the pics on the TIC ring  
site....not many there and none showing any real detail.
Thanks for the help.
73 Bill KH7XS/K4XS
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