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Hi Dragonsong,
I believe the rebar cage will be totally isolated from ground as it is  
surrounded by concrete. The concrete is a relative good electric insulator and  
will therefor not be good for grounding the tower. You have to add grounding  
rods outside the lump of cement holding your tower in place.
There is plenty of information of the "best way" to ground the tower. Two,  
three grounding rod driven 8 feet into ground is, I believe, considered  
acceptable grounding for lightning strikes. When it comes to RF grounding the  field 
is open for suggestions. Little depending on the surrounding ground I,  
myself, believe in radials stretch just above or on the surface of ground. Other  
folks believe the radials have to be buried or left several feet  above ground. 
The length and amount of radial is a science by itself  and I think the 
advice is:" The more the better", up to some point that varies  between 15 to 60 
Have fun with the tower and stay safe. K1TTT has some serious safety  
warnings on his web site that you should look at.
73 de,
Hans, N2JFS
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First I want to thank all of you for the info so  freely dispersed on this 
reflector. I've learned a lot in just the month I've  been getting the 

Now then, I just today made a deal for my  very first tower. It seems to be a 
bit over a Rohn 25 size but not quite a  Rohn 30. It's about 60 feet in 
length and will be bolted to the house and set  in a rebar and concrete cage 

My questions are these, is it  possible to use the rebar cage as a part of 
the grounding system for this  tower?  And, if so, what is the best manner of 
making that grounding  connection?

Thanks up front for your consideration and  responses.

Tearlach de  w8sco

There's nae man sae deif as  he tha' winna  hear.

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