[TowerTalk] Dimensions of a tower concrete base

Bert Almemo balmemo at sympatico.ca
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Hi Bob,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I think you missed the point. Sorry! I'm talking
about the concept in principle not if the total weight is exactly the same.
According to the experts, the weight of the base has very little to do with
the support of the structure. The weight only makes up for about 10% of the
forces needed to support a given structure. 90% or so comes from the
soil/dirt/sand enclosing the base. I'm not an expert in structural
engineering and can't probably explain this properly.

Anyway, back to my question - in principle is there a difference in
force/strength to support a structure if the base is deeeper or shallower
having basically the same weight and volume?

73 Bert, VE3OBU


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The last time I looked, 3x3x6=54 and 4x4x4=64 so 64 will weigh more than 54
will.  Am I missing something?

Bob W6TR
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> In general, is it better to go deep than wide when digging for a tower 
> base,
> i.e. does a deeper base give better support than a shallower one with
> basically the same volume? Is 3x3x6 better than 4x4x4 with everything else
> being equal. Thanks.
> 73 Bert, VE3OBU
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