[TowerTalk] Yaesu G-800SA Problem

BA7NQ TERRY ltw at vip.163.com
Tue Sep 2 04:33:33 EDT 2008

Hi Terry,

Our contest station have two Yaesu G1000C rotor and have the same problem.
I posted this question here before, but no answer.

Recently, BA7IAG told me, he fixed one!

He replaced the CNTL-UNIT cricuit board from another G450 rotator
controller, then all is OK. 
But he didn't check and compare which parts was wrong at this moment. 
He will do this job later to fix another G1000, I will let you if we have

73! de BA7NQ Terry

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> While away this summer I had a tropical storm pass through my 
> area.  It hit the tower, and seems to have caused the rotor 
> to loose its orientation.
> When I turn the beam counter-clockwise, north lines up.  
> However, when I turn the beam clockwise the beam is south 
> when the rotor control shows 120 degrees, due west at 180 
> degrees, and if I continue to turn clockwise, it goes all the 
> way around to a beam heading of 90 degrees, but the rotor 
> control in the house only shows 240 degrees.
> Anybody know what happened? And, more importantly, how to fix it?
> Terry - W6LMJ

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