[TowerTalk] Dimensions of a tower concrete base

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Tue Sep 2 23:16:37 EDT 2008

This one probably qualifies:


73, kelly
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> That works pretty good, unless you've got a tower like mine that's 40
> years old and nobody still has any of the original data.
> Here's a pertinent question: What's the biggest tower base for a free
> standing ham tower (not broadcast, ham tower) you've ever seen, in
> feet?
> Jeff/KD4RBG
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>>Seems no one quoted the K7LXC Directive:
>>Quoting Bert Almemo <balmemo at sympatico.ca>:
>>> Hi guys,
>>> Thanks for all responses, comments and suggestions regarding the 
>>> dimensions
>>> of a concrete base for a tower or other support structure.
>>> It seems almost everyone wants to elaborate on the issue and also wants 
>>> to
>>> put my question into different scenarios. Again, not being a structural
>>> engineer, isn't there a general rule as to what design provides the best
>>> support for a free standing tower or similar structure regardless of 
>>> other
>>> circumstances?
>>> I was hoping to get some indication from the experts on TT which way to 
>>> go
>>> as I'm not spending thousands of dollars to use the services of a 
>>> structural
>>> engineer. I just want an opinion from you experienced guys. It's only a 
>>> 55ft
>>> free standing tower with a medium sized tri-bander on top. So far I'm 
>>> more
>>> confused than when I started this thread. Thanks.
>>> 73 Bert, VE3OBU
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