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Wonder if that is constitutional. How are we suppose to follow  something 
that is not even in the hands of our government. 
Finally ONE good thing about living in a socialistic state (which I  don't do 
any longer).
Hans N2JFS 
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Richard Hill wrote:
> California codes are  available here: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html
> Everything you  want to know about active California legislation is here:
>  http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/index.html
> The only thing you can't  find is this year's budget.  (Sigh)  (But see the
>  "Unfinisher Business" files).
> Rich
>  NU6T
leginfo.ca.gov has ONLY the laws, but not the regulations or  CA 
administrative codes.  The OAL site at http://www.oal.ca.gov/ has  some 
of the administrative codes, but not the building codes.  In  fact, if 
you follow the link to the regulations from the oal site, it goes  to a 
site run by Westlaw.  There you will find the following  notice:

Why is Title 24 (the California Building Standards) not  included as part 
of this CCR Website?

Title 24 of the California  Code of Regulations, known as California 
Building Standards, contains  copyrighted materials under the ownership 
of several model code publishers  and cannot be provided here. The eleven 
parts of Title 24 that comprise  California's Building Standards are 
available for review at depository  libraries, or for purchase in paper 
format from the copyright holders and  selected vendors.

Please contact the California Building Standards  Commission's home page, 
http://www.bsc.ca.gov, for information on the  availability of Title 24.

Follow that link and eventually you wind  up with:
Title 24 is available for purchase or available to the public at  no cost 
through depository  libraries.


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