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Hi Art,
Having built a few houses I am concern about "just" attaching a tower to  the 
house especially to the eave. You could have some steel ribbons attached to  
the roof rafters inside the house to create a relative strong  
point-of-attachment for the tower. Using a chimney is out as you should only  consider that 
as a pile of bricks with an improved friction between each brick  from the 
The "usual" wind load calculation would give you how much load you need to  
anchor in the house. Remember that the house itself will be exposed to wind the 
 same time as the tower.
Hans, N2JFS
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Hi All,

A friend and I are helping a YL HF  operator reactivate after several years 
QRT.  Now a gentleman never  shares a woman's age, but let's just say she could 
have voted for Truman, and  maybe for FDR.  So yes, she needs a little help.

I've uploaded her  yard-map to my company's website if you will take a  look:


She is wanting the tower up  against the house, rather than having us move 
her vertical.  She has five  sections of 25G, will have one section sunk in 
concrete for the base, and will  be putting up a Cushcraft ATB-34 yagi on it.

Putting it against the  house raises some issues as to guying the tower, but 
what would be the safe  height for this, unguyed, if we were to house or 
eave-bracekt the  antenna?

She is southeast of Oklahoma City, so yes there will be winds  from time to 

Your thoughts are appreciated.  I've assisted  putting up several towers but 
this will be my first time "in the lead," so  advice is welcomed.  If any of 
you are in the OKC area and would like to  help with this, most likely some day 
in October, please let me  know.

Art,  KØRO

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