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Dennis Petrich radioart at charter.net
Sat Sep 6 18:01:18 EDT 2008

I've been using EZNEC for over 13 years and I'm up to EZNEC +5.  It has the 
3D capability as well as an easy way to connect transmission lines and 
sources to wires and each other.....  Compare antennas to one another and 
many many more and I get great service.

So it gets two thumbs up, hi, hi....

dennis, k0eoo

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Here's another vote for 4NEC2. Particularly helpful is the 3D visualization 
of the pattern in multi-colors. Everyone I show a pattern to on-screen 
instant understands the antenna pattern when they see that display. The 3D 
graphical editor seems for me easy to understand and quick to use.


Arie has been helpful with bug fixes, there's a user's forum linked to his 


-- Tom, N5EG


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