[TowerTalk] Antenna software

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 7 09:44:35 EDT 2008

  KZ4USA wrote:
> Ive found that NECWIN Synth lets you build all those types of objects that might be around your antenna. tower,building, cars,truck etc. Its a pretty cool
> 3d object builder and does it without using the speadsheet. It will then put all the data into the spreadsheet where you can changes things if you want or
> in the builder later.
> Ive used 4nec2x also and it has some features in there builder to work on each wire in realtime.
> I use them both. Works for me.

The challenge would be not in entering the geometry, but in figuring 
what to make the wire properties/loading for the objects.  Say you put 
in a wiregrid mesh for a house.  What conductivity do you assign to the 

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