[TowerTalk] Running coax outside to tower on cable tray

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon Sep 8 00:45:51 EDT 2008

I have some big yellow hooks I bought at Home Depot or Lowe's over the
years.  I hang my mountain bike from the garge ceiling with them. I have a
12AVQ vertical laying in three of them on the garage wall.  I even have
three on the backyard fence holding the fallen (and only ever so slightly
bent) 20m reflector element from my Force 12 C3 while it waits to get
refitted to the boom.  

Something else you might look at are the support arms (that get nailed to
the facia) for rain gutters.  

Good luck

Dale, kg5u

> Some guys use hooks every x feet along the fence and just tie 
> them with cable ties.  One guy I know uses simple brass hooks 
> like he would put in a closet - just screws them on the fence 
> at the same hight every x feet .
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> jimlux wrote:
> Has anyone used outside a cable tray (possibly elevated) to 
> run their coax, etc. to the tower? I have a fence near the tower so
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