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Michael Ryan mryan001 at tampabay.rr.com
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Sounds like HyGain was on to something back in when they were selling those
packages of tower and antenna!  I recall seeing an article in one of the
magazines a while back ( I'd hate to admit HOW FAR BACK ), where a gent in
Texas had 4 TH7s on a rotating tower.  They were sprinkled apart on what I
think was Rohn 45 and had the Rotating Tower Systems devices which I would
guess are still around....very nice arrangement for cover all the "angles".
-- Mike

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I have had a TH6 up since 1977 in 5 different QTH's. The first time, it was
up at 60 feet, then 70 feet in three locations, and now it is at 80 feet.
It is an antenna that likes at least 50 feet of height. If it is lower, the
SWR curves, front to back, and ground gain are all affected.
I can tell you that at 80 feet, it is a little too high on 15 and 10 meters
for certain close in paths like the Caribbean. I seem to skip right over
those stations. 
73 Dennis W0JX/8
Milan, OH


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