[TowerTalk] Running coax outside to tower on cable tray

Alan NV8A nv8a at att.net
Mon Sep 8 17:39:44 EDT 2008

On 09/07/08 06:56 pm Roger White wrote:

> My tower is about 30 feet from the shack in the garage. I am presently running multiple coax and a rotator cable thru a 4 inch buried pipe to the tower. I want to run some more cable (a CAT5 for now) and in the future have easier access for future expansion, repair, etc. Has anyone used outside a cable tray (possibly elevated) to run their coax, etc. to the tower? I have a fence near the tower so I can run the coax to the fence and then attach an elevated tray of sorts, so the elevated portion should not be in the way as it goes to the garage (shack). I have seen cable trays inside of buildings, but do not need something as wide as these, just enough width to hold 4 to 5 coaxes and a few other cables.

Note the following from p. 7 of the Polyphaser Technical Document 
                                           "Since all towers have some
inductance, leaving the tower at a point above ground will allow
some of the strike current to continue on the coax line (both the
center conductor and shield) toward your equipment. Once at the
equipment, the current will follow the chassis to the safety ground.
This could elevate the equipment cabinets to deadly voltages,
deadly for both people and components."

Following this advice, I brought everything down to a large electrical 
box at the base of the tower, and from there everything runs in buried 
metal conduit into the shack.


Alan NV8A

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