[TowerTalk] Fiber reinforcement instead of rebar?

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"For engineering reasons that don't bear explanation" this is the worst 
type of foundation to try and use fiber reinforcing to eliminate rod 
reinforcing in a foundation. I have posted to the reflector several 
times where fiber reinforcing is applicable and it is not in structural 
foundations. A good source of information can be found if you google " 
concrete- fiber reinforcement uses.

Lonberg Design Group, Ltd.
H.S. Lonberg, P.E.,S.E.

On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 10:00 PM, Dan Levin wrote:

> Yes, before anyone says it, I do know the LXC prime directive.
> Now that we have that out of the way, does anyone have any experience 
> or (PE
> informed) advice on the topic of using some kind of fiber additive 
> rather
> than a rebar cage for the base of a free-standing tower (a Trylon 
> T500-72 if
> you must know :-) )?  The base is a block of 3000 PSI concrete around 
> 5.5' x
> 5.5' x 7'.
> Rumor has it that modern fiber additives are just as strong as rebar 
> in this
> type of foundation application, and for reasons that don't bear 
> explanation
> a rebar cage will be a bit annoying in this particular location.
> Thanks!
>                                    ***dan, K6IF
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