[TowerTalk] 7/8" hardline, Best way to ship?

D. Calder towertalk at n4zkf.com
Thu Sep 11 16:08:49 EDT 2008

We still get smaller lengths in every day in boxes like that.

Dave n4zkf

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K7LXC at aol.com wrote:
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>>  I have a 150' length of 7/8" hardline, (Cellflex by  RFS)  that I 
>> may need
> to ship, California to Minnesota.  Problem is  it is not on a spool, 
> but an "Air Core, 10 turns jumble wound, (with  binding
Something to think about:
Coax can be shipped as a coil if not too large or heavy.  They make boxes
for shipping like that, with the center pieces folding in to support the
coil.  It wasn't heliax, but I received 5 200 lengths of LMR-600 shipped
that way. The boxes were close to 4' on a side and about
8 to 10" thick (maybe a foot... its been a while).

Although the coax came through in great shape the boxes were only passable
and not in good enough shape for reuse. Although a gamble it sounds like
this might work for the Heliax.  Check with Fed-X and UPS they can most
likely tell you something specific.


Roger (K8RI)
> straps, keeping it together.. about 5' in diameter.  Actual  weight,
about 45 
> lbs.  What is the best vendor/way to ship,  ground?  UPS, Truck/Motor
> , Fedex?, DHL?  Would I have to  wrap/package it, protecting from 
> heavy/crushing blows,  kinks etc?   It may not be practical, to ship, but
I dont know that 
> yet....If not practical  to ship, I would be happy to supply to a needy
> in Northern  California..
>     Well, the pros won't accept hardline on a reel  that was laid flat so 
> shipping it absent a reel may be problematic. I'm not  too concerned about
> of 7/8" but I wouldn't turn it over to a shipping  company. 
>         Local pick-up or delivery  by you or the buyer would be the only 
> reasonable way to do it without spending a  bunch on a reel and proper
> Cheers,
> Steve    K7LXC
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