[TowerTalk] Cable question

Greg - AB7R ab7r at cablespeed.com
Fri Sep 12 15:37:30 EDT 2008

Looking for some assistance identifying some cable.  The only writing on the jacket 
is 1996 COMMSCOPE.

It's about 7/8 diameter, copper center conducter, a fairly stiff foam (I think) 
dialectric and a full aluminum shielding (not braid).

I called Commscope and at first the tech thought it would be 50-ohm cable but all 
their 50-ohm stuff with the above characteristics has more writting on the jacket.  
So he thinks its probably more likely to be CATV cable at 75-Ohms.  Probably has a 
loss of about 1.8-2 dB per 100ft at 2000 MHz.  That's gotta be pretty low for HF/6M!

Anyone out there familiar with this cable?  I have a run of about 150-ft from my 
shack to my tower and wondering if it is worth it to replace the buryflex I have in 
there now with this stuff.  I have 2 runs from shack to tower.

I'll probably get the cable pretty cheap...maybe about $25 for a couple large 
spools but each only has maybe 150-200 ft on it.  New N connectors will cost me 
about $40 each.  Then adapters from N to UHF.  

The cable is pretty old....1996 but has been unused and on its original wooden 
spool and stored outside.

Greg - AB7R
Whidbey Island WA

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