[TowerTalk] SixPak Problems?

Jay Terleski jayt at arraysolutions.com
Sun Sep 14 10:16:44 EDT 2008

Tower Talkers,

I see we're getting some reports of having a SixPak problem. This is
discouraging to me since most of the guys reporting have never called us.

We take quality seriously here at Array Solutions.

The Array Solutions "blue box" antenna switches such as a Six-Pak have a
lifetime warranty. Just call us or send it back for a repair or replacement.

There are probably 3500 SixPaks in the world now and there are bound to be a
few problems. The problems I see mentioned here on Tower Talk are easy to

We will spend all the time you need on the phone to help you correct the

Typical issues are
1. DC power supply not adequate
2. Some band decoders do not have enough drive voltage 
3. improper wiring 
4. relay contact oxidizing from not being used. 

Please call us.
Regards to the group.


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