[TowerTalk] Vertical or Tower

Tom Martin tmartin at chartermi.net
Mon Sep 15 08:43:03 EDT 2008


You have plenty of time in Wyoming, MI.  Now, here in Iron Mountain, snow could fly next week!  I'm still waiting to get the tower back up and assemble the 4 element StepIR!  Hopefully, it will all be up by November 1st.

I'd go with a Universal aluminum tower.  Aren't they made close to your QTH?  Well, close is relative.  For me, just because I'm in Michigan, it doesn't mean I'm close to Detroit!  You could easily have that tower up by the end of September.  Also, looking at your pictures, guys are out of the question.  That's why I suggest the self supporting tower.

Put a Cushcraft A3S at 50 feet and you'll be set for 20-10.  Of course, for the next couple years 40 and 80 will be the hot bands for DX.  If you want to wait until next summer for the tower project, you can't go wrong with the HyTower.  It will also surprise you on 20.  

Good luck.



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