[TowerTalk] Tashjian Tower Orders

mrlogs mrlogs at verizon.net
Sat Sep 20 07:44:39 EDT 2008

Just an FYI to anyone ordering a tower from Tashjian Towers..I placed my order in May, was told the end of July, then, the end of August, then, the end of September, now, I was told yesterday (by Karl himself..yes..amazingly..I actually got hold of him!)..October! ...(and I bought the base "up front" and put it in in June..I've now had a nice slab in my yard for 3 months...) To top it off..I went ahead (in June) and paid-off my order..Now I have a base in my yard & maybe a tower coming some day.(maybe) & my money's gone..This has left a bad taste in my mouth..I oughta have butt kicked and head examined! Anyone else go thru this crap with them?
                                                                                                                                               73'..  Tom  N3ZC

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