[TowerTalk] Tashjian Tower Orders

Lou Laderman lladerman at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 20 10:04:41 EDT 2008

Somewhat similar, but I have no "skin in the game." I have been requesting
quotes on some components for my TM358 and on a new tower package since
June. Whenever I reach someone, they apologize and say I'll get something
"tomorrow."  I've given up on Tashjian. If the company can't service a
purchase inquiry, how will it service my needs down the road?

US Tower has its own issues. I have been trying to get some preliminary
tower loading estimates from their outside engineer on a couple of their
towers for months (I plan on stacking antennas, and their load rating is
with all the load 1 foot above the top of the tower). I've emailed or spoken
with several folks at US Tower including its president and sales manager
about the lack of response. The problem is a known issue, but I still have
nothing to date. I will ultimately have to hire my own engineer to get the
sealed plans I need, but want the manufacturer to do some of the preliminary
work so I can decide which structure to purchase.

It's my opinion that both of these companies are too busy servicing their
commercial and government contracts to care about the ham market. It's a
pretty sad sate of affairs when you want to spend some money but nobody
wants it (no volunteers, thanks anyway!). Unfortunately, other than the used
market, there's nowhere else to go in the US for steel crank-up towers. 

Lou, WØFK 

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Just an FYI to anyone ordering a tower from Tashjian Towers..I placed my
order in May, was told the end of July, then, the end of August, then, the
end of September, now, I was told yesterday (by Karl
himself..yes..amazingly..I actually got hold of him!)..October! ...(and I
bought the base "up front" and put it in in June..I've now had a nice slab
in my yard for 3 months...) To top it off..I went ahead (in June) and
paid-off my order..Now I have a base in my yard & maybe a tower coming some
day.(maybe) & my money's gone..This has left a bad taste in my mouth..I
oughta have butt kicked and head examined! Anyone else go thru this crap
with them?
73'..  Tom  N3ZC

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