[TowerTalk] suspending more than one inverted V from a tower???

chasm at texas.net chasm at texas.net
Sat Sep 20 14:04:36 EDT 2008

Obviously long wire/dipoles/inverted V's should be kept at right 
angles to each other and as far apart as possible.

I am wanting to support two dipoles from the end of a yardarm (or 
whatever you call the pipe extending out to the side of a tower with a 
pully or three and halyard(s) )  and wonder just how close to each 
other the dipoles (sharing the same terminal supports as well as the 
same center support) can be.  they are different length and types
(a G5RV and a DX-CC) and obviously will not be energized at the same time.

would 3ft apart be sufficient?  6ft?  what - I suppose the question 
actually is, is the MINIMUM distance apart - you can run these wires???


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