[TowerTalk] Short Length of Mast Needed

Sun Sep 21 14:21:05 EDT 2008

Do any of you folk have any 'scraps' of high carbon steel, 2" mast laying about?  I need about 6 feet or a little longer.

I have a 5 foot Glen Martin rooftop tower and a  HAM IV rotator.  I am going to hang a Hy-Gain TH3-MK3/4, a MFJ style WARC ratatable dipole, and an m2 1.2 gig 17 element antenna on said mast.  The tower will be guyed in 4 directions for additional stability.

The 1.2 beam does not have to go on that pole...I can fix mount it on any stub on the roof, as it will never need to be turned once aimed correctly.

There will be 15 inches or so of pole through the thrust collar into the rotator, and I figure 5 feet above the collar...any more and I deem it to be too unstable.

I am in Reno, Nevada.....driving distance for pickup would be a plus!

Thanks for looking and digging through the 'heap' at the side of the house/garage!

Joe Wolfe

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