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How do you facilitate the mail from Jay, I have a similar problem on my
sikpak. Thank you

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Hi there John,

Take the sixpak switch apart and place it  in front of you with the 
connecting strip to the right.
Firstly remove all the little shipping plates underneath the springs.

Connect the negative wire to the negative port of the connecting strip of 
the antenna switch using a power supply of which you can adjust the voltage 
from about 10v dc to 16v dc. Leave the positive wire loose so that you can 
switch any of the relays by hand.

Start with any of the relays and check whether it switches when power is 
applied. Adjust the voltage to see at which point it starts to switch. If 
its not around 11v, take a pair of long nose pliers and start bending the 
rear vertical mounting of the spring to either increase or decrease the 
spring tension so that when you apply the 11v the relay start to switch.

Reduce the power to 10v and ensure that the relay does not switch anymore. 
It takes some fiddling to get the tension just right but it can be done.

Run through all the relays using the same procedure as above. Once you have 
adjusted all the relays that the switch from around 11v, adjust the voltage 
on the power supply to 14v dc and you'll have 12 relays switching every time

not missing a beat.

Reassemble the sixpak and connect antennas.

This procedure worked for mine. Should do the trick for you if everything 
else is working.




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