[TowerTalk] Anchor Bolts

chasm at texas.net chasm at texas.net
Sun Sep 21 21:28:30 EDT 2008

Martin Staffa wrote:
> I purchased a used tower from US towers and I ordered the bolts
> when I received them I thought the made a mistake. Called them and
> told me they changed the bolt from the L shape to vertical with the
> nuts welded on the ends claiming they were better because the L
> shape fractures some times under load.That was there explanation
> for the new style of bolt.I hope it works!     Martin N1KGP 73s
>  _______________________________________________

sounds like poor quality steel,  I was a municipal sign inspector in 
another life, followed sign companies, inspected their businesses, 
verified compliance with blueprints approved by our engineers, etc

I think that what USTwrs is doing is counting on non inspection by 98% 
of towers being erected which is probably a good estimate on their 
part.  personally, knowing what i know, I would go down the street and 
look for a crane at a 45* angle, pull in and talk with the workers 
digging the hole, lowering the cage and pouring the concrete in...

then go by their company location and buy what you need or, ask them 
what they think you should be using for bolts and I will bet they will 
do your whole job for a lot less than you think.  and do it right.
you do want L or J bolts!!!

chas  k5dam

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