[TowerTalk] Tower Bolts

NPAlex at aol.com NPAlex at aol.com
Mon Sep 22 00:08:29 EDT 2008

I have a set of 6 bolts for the US-589 tower that I will not be using as my  
relocation plans have changed.  These were bought from US Tower (they are  no 
longer J bolts, but have a large nut welded to the bottom end). They are  
expensive and heavy, but if interested, maybe we can make a deal.
Norm W4QN

Message: 5
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2008 19:33:53 -0400
From: "Mark  Robinson" <markrob at mindspring.com>
Subject: [TowerTalk] US Tower Anchor  Bolts

I am getting ready to install the base for a US Towers HDX-589MDPL  crank up 
tower. I know that US Tower supplies ungalvanized 1 1/8 OD by 27  inch 
straight anchor bolts. I think that there was a thread a while back  about 
using galvanized anchor bolts with a J bend at the embedded end. Does  anyone 
know of a source of such anchor bolts.

73 Mark N1UK 

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