[TowerTalk] Tashjian Tower Orders

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Mon Sep 22 12:40:41 EDT 2008

Steve Katz wrote:

>I have told it to both of them, and explained this is why I'm not a customer. 
>Well, I did build a K2 a couple of years ago but it was in stock at that time and I had it a couple days after ordering it.  I won't buy a K3 unless the same conditions prevail.
>It's unfortunate that small companies are often heavy on engineering and light on operations/planning.  A professional Ops person with decades experience in startups arranges financing, vendor parts stocking for JIT and kanban, production workflow against forecast and so forth so that a small company can become a big company.  Without such talent, the small company usually remains small.
A company that services just the ham radio market like Elecraft will by 
definition remain small (the ham radio market is not a big market).  If 
they grew  production capacity  to service the initial rush to a new and 
exciting product like the K3 with JIT turnaround, they might find 
themselves with excess capcity after the initial "pulse" of demand of 
dies out. Switching power supplies OTOH are a commodity item. They are 
expected to be available in large quantities with a relatively short 
turnaround time. Its a much bigger and more competitive market.  
Kenyaesucom have the advantage of  sharing production facilties with 
commercial product lines (marine/land mobile).

73, Mike W4EF............................

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