[TowerTalk] Tower bolts

chasm at texas.net chasm at texas.net
Mon Sep 22 17:47:08 EDT 2008

Martin Staffa wrote:
> The engineer designed the bolts , if they fail and someone gets
> hurt or fatally injured they can be sued and held liable maybe even
> criminally negligent.Would they take that chance.Martin N1KGP 
> _______________________________________________

as I said before,  this is dredging up memories from about 5 yrs of 
inspecting sign foundations, erections, etc.  I do know that our PEs - 
if challenged by the PE for the sign company, would simply require the 
sign company to pay N$$ additional "bond" or whatever that is called 
and it would go into a 25yr escrow and sit there earning no interest, 
etc.  Most clients of sign companies would end up getting another sign 
company with a better/more agreeable PE and cut their losses.

also, I simply do not remember those 2 and 3" and larger j bolts being 
galvanized.  seems to me that was verboten for some reason.  the j 
bolts were oiled to prevent rust and I remember many a time having to 
wipe the stuff off my hands and clothes while measuring the things 
along with the pitch of the threads and the markings on the nuts.

that was a bad 5 yr period of my life... and then I became a computer 
database developer/systems analyst... .. <G>


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