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Charles Gallo Charlie at TheGallos.com
Mon Sep 22 18:32:47 EDT 2008

On 9/22/2008 mrlogs wrote:
> being shipped. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!"

> Karl told me this himself this past Friday Sept 19th (on the phone) 
> My tower has NOT been galvanized, nor welded yet, and will not ship
> in September as he's backed up with Gov orders..and "that's what is paying the bills right now!"

I don't know exactly what is going on there, but I WILL say that IF you are a G'vt contractor, you can have what (at least used to be) called a 'DX Priority' contract.  They get REAL priority - as in NOTHING in the shop gets priority of a "DX job" - and the vendor can't say "I don't recognize DX" - you take the contract, you take it 'DX"

As I said in a prior post, I used to work in electronics.  Started off as a bench tech, ended up runining the environmental/dynamics test lab for the company (aka the 'shake and bake' lab)

We ordered a new test chamber on a DX contract, and when time came to fly out to the factory for acceptance testing, we found out chamber was running oh, 6-8 weeks late, because an order for another company was ahead of ours.  We asked if it was for a Government DX job, and were told "No, but it's for our biggest customer".  I called my boss, and was told - "expect a visitor in about 2 hours - meet him in the lobby"

Sure enough, in about 2 hours, a nondescript Govt car pulls up, the driver steps out (in Navy undress white), opens the door, and out steps an Admiral!  He cam in, introduced himself to me, and we went to see the CEO of the company.  The CEO said "I don't recognize Govt priorities on contracts."  He was informed that the Admiral had authorization to temporarily nationalize his company to ensure compliance!  You might say that the priority on my test gear went up just a tad at that point.

So if he's getting hit with 'DX' jobs, he has no choice but to bump you, BUT communications sounds "poor"

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