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John Hudson jd_hudson at comcast.net
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Skip.. I actually came up with 21.33 cu yrd (7.1 x 3) but whose counting :)

I just poured (9-18-09) a 5x5x6 for a TX-455 and the cost was $84.50 per
yard (4000#) plus $4.00 each for fiber added. Then 6% sales tax for
Kentucky. The concrete company had a 4 yard min and also added $10 fuel

3500# was a dollar less per cu yard

Anway..good luck with the project.. I plan on a 60' 25g later this year or
spring and will have to elevate the guys also



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Ok, you talked me out of raised guys.  My system would work however, I just 
did the cost of concrete @ 100/yard.  Each deadman was 4ft deep in a 6 X8 ft

hole. That would require a min of 25 cu.yds of concrete.

I just won't cut most of the weeds under the tower in the field, only near 
the base.

de Skip  K3CC 


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