[TowerTalk] Building a Contesting/DXing station with deed restrictions

Cqtestk4xs at aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Mon Sep 22 23:23:33 EDT 2008

A world class contest station with wires and no towers not on  oceanfront is 
just about impossible.  You can build a good station with  wires.  My 
suggestion for 80 is what has been very successful at two  different locations,  I 
have constructed two element looped arrays  for four different directions.  They 
are flat top delta loops and if  you can get them so the tops are around 90 
feet they will play very well...close  to what a 4 square vertical system would 
give you.  I use lots of rope  to provide support to the loops.  You could 
suspend the ropes from  pulleys in the trees to do the job.
On 160 I would suggest  a wire vertical suspended from ropes.   You could get 
the top up to around 90 feet and top load it using a couple of  wires along 
the rope.
The loop concept could also be used for other bands and if you built a  
system for 40 it would perform similarly to a three element full-sized Yagi at  
arouond 70 or 80 feet.
There is a ham in Indiana who has a 10+ wire loop 40 meter system facing  the 
Pacific.  He is LOUD.
My yard in Florida looked like a trapeze act practice area...but the loops  
at around 120-140 feet at the top absoltely screamed.

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