[TowerTalk] Building a Contesting/DXing station with deedrestrictions

bob finger finger at goeaston.net
Tue Sep 23 16:47:43 EDT 2008

Depends on the contest and where the 1/2 acre is located.  A P5 call 
would make it world class.  A W4 call perhaps not.  90' is too high for 
SS where being a W4 actually helps.  If you have never had the thrill of 
using big stacks of yagis on the high bands from a super location and 
lots of sunspots that 1/2 acre and wires might be world class to the guy 
in the chair.  And so it goes.   73 bob de w9ge

Al Williams wrote:

>My how times have changed.  A wire antenna farm in a deed restricted half 
>acre of land would have been classified as a mediocre contest station at 

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